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Scandi Embroidered Felted Bag

embroidery felt sewing

This simple dandelion motif on a subtle milky-blue felted wool makes a beautiful and unique Scandi style bag. The Suede handles give the bag that extra-luxurious feel.



Templates and stitch guide (see below)

121⁄2 x 25 in. (32 x 64 cm) blue felted wool

121⁄2 x 25 in. (32 x 64 cm) cotton fabric for lining

Dressmaker’s carbon paper or tissue paper

Two 19 x 11⁄2-in. (48 x 4-cm) strips of dark blue or black suede for handles

3 x 11⁄2 in. (8 x 4 cm) orange felt for label

Dark blue and white stranded embroidery floss (cotton)


1. Enlarge the templates by 200 percent. Transfer them to the fabrics, and cut out one front and one back section from both the felted wool and the lining fabric. (Check out our blog for how to transfer patterns onto fabrics.)

2. Using dressmaker’s carbon paper or the tissue paper and basting (tacking) method (see our techniques blog), transfer the pattern to the front of the bag. Following the stitch guide, using dark blue embroidery floss (cotton), embroider the dandelion.


3. Using white stranded embroidery floss (cotton), embroider the label motif on one half of the piece of orange felt. Fold the felt in half widthwise, wrong sides together, and machine stitch down each of the side edges close to the edge.


4. Pin the font and back lining pieces right sides together. Machine stitch down each side and along the bottom of the lining. Trim the seam allowance and cut across the corners to reduce the bulk. Repeat with the front and back bag pieces, positioning the label between the front and back pieces about 1 1⁄2 in. (4 cm) down from the top and facing in toward the bag.

5. To make the handles, fold each piece of suede in half widthwise, wrong sides together. Machine stitch along the long edge, as close to the edge as possible. Position the handle ends inside the bag, about 2 1⁄2 in. (6 cm) in from each side edge and 1⁄2 in. (1 cm) down from the top edge. Pin in place, and machine stitch back and forth across each handle end to secure.


6. With wrong sides together, place the lining inside the bag. Fold over a small double hem at the top edge of the lining and slipstitch the lining in position all around the top edge of the bag.



(use with template)

PURPLE: bullion knot

YELLOW: daisy stitch 

GREEN: whipped backstitch

GREY: detached chain stitch

RED: chain stitch

BLUE: backstitch


For more Scandi inspired projects, check out Scandinavian Needlecraft by Clare Youngs.

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