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Pretty Bunting

beginner sewing

The simple pattern and shape make this gorgeous bunting a great project for beginner sewers, plus you don’t need to go out and buy expensive fabric, as you can use scraps of any old fabric to make it. Mix colors and patterns using different fabrics on each side of each triangle, finishing the bunting with simple flower and button embellishments and stitching them onto ribbon.

 Learn to Sew Bunting

Skills needed:

Using templates and patterns

Machine sewing seams

Trimming seams

Hand sewing

Sewing on buttons (check out our techniques blog for more detailed instructions)



Scraps of fabric at least 10 x 11 in. (25 x 27cm)

Sewing thread to match fabrics





Paper, pencil and scissors for pattern

Fabric Scissors


Sewing Machine


Sewing needle



Take ½ in. (1cm) seam allowances throughout unless otherwise stated.

 Learn to sew bunting


1 Using the template, cut out a paper pattern. Decide how many bunting triangles you would like and cut two fabric triangles for each one. With right sides together, pin and stitch two fabric triangles together, starting and finishing the stitches 7/8in. (2cm) from the top edge, leaving the top edge open.


2 Trim the seam allowance and turn the triangles the right way out. Press. Turn in 3/8in. (1cm) to the wrong side along both top edges of each triangle.


3 Slip the ribbon between the top opening of the triangles, and pin and stitch in place with a double row of stitches.


4 Using the templates (flower 1 and flower 2), cut out a large and a small flower shape from paper and use them to cut out a large and small fabric flower for each triangle. Hand stitch the flowers onto the triangles, sewing a button in the middle of each.


For more beginner's sewing projects, check out Learn to Sew by Emma Hardy.

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