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Ice Cream Necklace and Sprinkles Earring Set

Miniature designs can really pack a punch when added to striking scaled-down frames. These confectionery inspired designs are made into a necklace and earring set that looks good enough to eat!

Modern Embroidery



Linen blend fabric (55% linen, 45% cotton) in a neutral color, one 6-in. (15-cm) and two 3-in. (8-cm) squares

For the necklace:

Embroidery flosses (threads)—one skein of each, all six strands used unless otherwise stated—in the following shades:

  • Anchor 9 (Light Coral)
  • Anchor 96 (Light Violet)
  • Anchor 379 (Mid Mocha Beige)—use three strands only
  • Anchor 831 (Very Light Drab Brown)
  • Anchor 1092 (Light Seagreen)

Miniature oval embroidery hoop, 2½ x 1⅜-in. (6.2 x 3.4-cm)

16-in. (40-cm) chain necklace

1 x 5mm jump ring

For the earrings:

Embroidery flosses (threads)—one skein of each, all six strands used— in the following shades:

  • Anchor 9 (Light Coral)
  • Anchor 96 (Light Violet)
  • Anchor 128 (Very Light Baby Blue)
  • Anchor 214 (Light Pistachio Green)
  • Anchor 1092 (Light Seagreen)
  • Anchor 1094 (Very Light Cranberry)

Miniature round embroidery hoops, 2 x 1½-in. (4-cm)

2 x earwire findings

2 x 5mm jump rings

For the necklace and earrings:

Fabric scissors, pinking shears, and embroidery scissors

Embroidery hoop, 4½ in. (11 cm)

Embroidery needle

Thread conditioner (optional)

Jewelry pliers (optional)

High-tack glue

Sewing needle and cotton thread


Necklace: 2½ x 1⅜ in. (6.2 x 3.4 cm)

Earrings: 1½ in. (4 cm) in diameter


French knots and Stem stitch

Straight stitch



  1. First, make the necklace. Using the pinking shears, trim the raw edges of the large piece of linen fabric to prevent it from fraying. Secure it in the embroidery hoop (see page 118) to create a neat, taut stitching surface.
  1. Transfer the ice-cream motif on page 107 centrally onto the fabric (see page 117), making sure it fits within the inner aperture of the miniature hoop. Following the stitch guide, work the design in the corresponding colors and stitches.
  1. Once the design is complete, remove it from the embroidery hoop and position it centrally in the miniature hoop. Draw around the frame with tailor’s chalk, then trim the fabric to ⅜ in. (1 cm) larger all around than the frame and position it in the frame.
  1. Using a sewing needle and cotton thread, work a line of gathering stitches around the outer edge of the fabric. Draw up the thread to pull the fabric neatly around the frame and knot the threads to secure. Position the backing element of the miniature frame in place and secure with high-tack glue.

  1. Attach the jump ring to the bolt on the miniature frame (you may need to use pliers to open the ring), then feed the chain through the jump ring to finish the necklace.


Necklace chains and earring fastenings can be found in the jewelry findings section of craft stores or at specialist stores. Take the finished embroideries mounted in the frames to the store to help you select the findings.



  1. Repeat steps 1-4 of the necklace to make the sprinkles earring hoops.

  1. Attach a jump ring to the bolt on each miniature frame (you may need to use pliers to open the rings), then attach the earwire findings to the jump rings.


Motifs and stitch guide

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