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Embroidery Hoops Christmas Wreath

Combining two embroidery hoops to create a cantered stitching space is a really great way to branch out with your embroidery. Here the double hoops have been used to display a festive wreath, complete with sparkles, candy canes, and bows!


Modern Embroidery 

You will need

Linen blend fabric (55% linen, 45% cotton) in a neutral colour, 20-in. (50-cm) square

Neutral-coloured felt, 20-in. (50-cm) square


Embroidery flosses (threads):

Two skeins, all six strands used, in the following shades:

  • Anchor 211 (Bright Green)
  • Anchor 877 (Dark Celadon Green)

One skein, all six strands used, in the following shades:

  • Anchor 2 (White)
  • Anchor 13 (Very Dark Coral Red)
  • Anchor 209 (Light Emerald Green)
  • Anchor 310 (Light Brown)
  • Anchor 403 (Black)


Selection of sequins

Red velvet ribbon, 39 in. (100 cm), 1 in. (2.5 cm) wide

20-in. (50-cm) length of cord

Motif and stitch guide

Fabric scissors, pinking shears, and embroidery scissors

Embroidery hoops, 9 in. (23 cm) and 5 in. (12.5 cm)

Embroidery needle

Thread conditioner (optional) High-tack glue

Sewing needle and cotton thread

FINISHED MEASUREMENTS: 9 in. (23 cm) in diameter

EMBROIDERY STITCHES USED: Backstitch, Long and short stitch worked at random and Satin stitch



1. Trim the raw edges of the linen fabric with pinking shears to it from prevent fraying. Find the centre of the fabric and secure the smaller hoop in place. Turn the fabric over; this will leave the inner part of the smaller embroidery hoop visible on the surface.


2. Position the larger hoop around the smaller hoop. Take time to ensure that the hoop is cantered; you can double check by measuring the distance between the hoops at intervals around the circle. Carefully fasten the second hoop in place to create a taut stitching surface.

Modern Embroidery

3. Transfer the wreath motif onto the linen between the two hoops. Following the stitch guide, work the design in the corresponding colours and stitches. Secure some sequins in place using the sewing needle and cotton thread.

 Modern Embroidery

4. Gather the outer fabric, following this technique.


5. Make small snips in the fabric inside the smaller hoop, cutting from the centre to just inside the edge of the hoop; this will form a series of long, thin, triangular pieces of fabric.

 Modern Embroidery

6. Using a sewing needle and cotton thread, stitch through the points of the cut fabric triangles and then draw them back toward the outer ring and secure them on the gathered fabric. This will expose the hole at the centre of the wreath. Take care not to stitch right through to the embroidered section!

 Modern Embroidery

7. Tie the ribbon into a large bow with equal-length tails and, using the sewing needle and cotton thread, stitch it to the upper part of the wreath. If you wish, you can secure the ribbon tails to the sides of the wreath.


8. Centre the completed wreath on top of the backing felt, draw around the outer ring, and cut out. Apply high-tack glue around the outer hoop and also around the inside of the smaller central hoop, then place the circle of felt on top. The felt backing will temporarily cover the hole at the centre.


9. Once the glue has dried, make a small snip in the centre of the felt inside the smaller inner hoop and neatly trim away the felt to reveal the hole at the centre. Thread the length of cord through the upper screw and knot it to make a hanging loop.

Modern Embroidery


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