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Crochet Techniques - Working in Rounds

crochet techniques

Time to brush up on your crochet techniques ready for a spooky crochet project to put you in the mood for Halloween!


There are generally two methods to working in the round: either spirals or circles.


Crochet techniques working in rounds

1. Spirals are started by making 2 chains and then making a group of stitches into the second chain from the hook, which creates a fan effect and is the beginning of the spiral.

Crochet techniques working in rounds

2. Insert a strand of contrast yarn as a stitch marker in the loop on the hook when you have finished making the first stitches, to mark the beginning of the round. Pop the strands of the stitch marker to sit at the back of the loop—or you can use a safety pin. The start of the round will be made into the first stitch.


If you are crocheting a round shape, one way of starting off is by crocheting a number of chains following the instructions in your pattern, and then joining them into a circle.

Crochet techniques working in rounds

1. To join the chain into a circle, insert the crochet hook into the first chain that you made (not into the slip knot), yarn over hook.

Crochet techniques working in rounds

2. Pull the yarn through the chain and through the loop on your hook at the same time, thereby creating a slip stitch and forming a circle. You now have a chain ring ready to work stitches into as instructed in the pattern.


Marking rounds is an essential tool. Place a stitch marker at the beginning of each round; a safety pin or piece of yarn in a contrasting color are useful for this. Loop the stitch marker into the last stitch; when you have made a round and reached the point where the stitch marker is, work this stitch, take out the stitch marker from the previous round and put it back into the loop on the hook.

Crochet techniques working in rounds


Now you've mastered working in rounds, why not put your skills to the test with some of the spooky projects in Nicki Trench's new book, Super Scary Halloween Crochet.


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