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Basic Crochet Stitches - Chain Stitch

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The chain stitch is the foundation of almost every crochet pattern, so as a beginner it is important to master this basic technique. In this blog, Nicki Trench shows you how to crochet a basic chain stitch, as well as how to make a chain ring, a chain space and how to work into a ring.


Chain Stitch

how to chain stitch

Make a slip knot and put it on the hook. Using the hook, wrap the yarn round the hook ready to pull it through the loop on the hook.

Pull through, creating a new loop on the hook. Continue in this way to create a chain of the required length.


Chain Ring

If you are crocheting a round shape, one way of starting off is by crocheting a number of chains following the instructions in your pattern, and then joining them into a circle.

how to make a chain ring

To join the chain into a circle, insert the crochet hook into the first chain that you made (not into the slip knot), yarn round hook.

Pull the yarn through the chain and through the loop on your hook at the same time, thereby creating a slip stitch and forming a circle. You now have a chain ring ready to work stitches into as instructed in the pattern.


Chain Space

how to make a chain space 1

A chain space is the space that has been made under a chain in the previous round or row, and falls in between other stitches.

how to make a chain space 2

Stitches into a chain space are made directly into the hole/space created under the chain and not into the chain stitches themselves.


Working into a ring

working into a ring 1

After making the chain ring you’ll be instructed to make a number of chains to bring your work up to the right height for the first stitch of the first round.

working into a ring 2

Keep an eye on where the centre of the ring is. I usually stick my finger into the hole to define it – this can be neatened up later when sewing in ends.

working into a ring 3

As you are making the stitches and chains to create this first round you may feel that you are running out of space in the ring. If so, ease the stitches round so they are more bunched up, which will give you more space in the ring, and take care not to make your new stitches over the top of the first stitches or chains made in this round.


For more tips on basic crocheting techniques and stitches, check out our video tutorials with Laura Strutt.


Now you've mastered the basics, why not check out Learn to Crochet by Nicki Trench for beginner's crochet patterns.


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