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Arm and Finger Knitting Tutorials with Laura Strutt

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Arm Knitting Tutorial

Take a lesson with the knitting and crochet expert and author of Arm & Finger Knitting, Laura Strutt. In this 5 minute video tutorial, Laura teaches you how to arm knit the infinity scarf - a lovely snuggly snood that will keep you warm all winter through.


Finger Knitting Tutorial 

Or try your hand at finger knitting following this simple step-by-step video with Laura Strutt. Learn how to make a finger knitted bracelet or check out the book, Arm and Finger Knitting, for more quick projects and ideas using t-shirt yarn and other chunky yarns. 


Laura Strutt's book Arm & Finger Knitting is full of lovely ideas to knit large-scale projects in no time at all. 

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