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Christiane Bellstedt Myers

mixed media

Christiane Bellstedt Myers, brought up in rural Canada and now living in the UK, is a maker, author and founder of craft community The Cozy Club. We caught up with Chris to chat about Instagram, the Scandinavian aesthetic and her upcoming book, Seasonal Scandi Crafts.


How did Seasonal Scandi Crafts come about?

I had previously been privileged to write the book Scandi Christmas published in 2017. The book proved to be very popular and I was then asked by my publisher to create a book on Scandi crafts throughout the year. 


What is your favourite project from the book?

Many of the projects are very dear to my heart. However, my ultimate favourite has to be the tealight lighthouse. It combines my love of candlelight and ethos of 'use what you have' to make something new and wonderful.



Why do you think the 'Scandi look' has become so popular?

I think the Scandi look has taken the world by storm because of its simplicity, charm and coziness in a modern, rushed society full of overwhelming technology.  


Where do you find inspiration?

My initial inspiration came from my parents who instilled into me the joy of handmade objects. Growing up in rural Canada, one had no choice but to make do and mend. Nature inspired and provided so much for creativity. Today I gravitate towards reusing items most would overlook and find fresh uses for them. Little is thrown away for I always believe there may be come a time when an item may once again be useful. 


What are your favourite materials to work with?

I just adore using old fabrics, especially quilts. If only the old fabrics could talk, what stories and anecdotes they could tell. The more worn and faded the better - to repair and reuse something that had already had a previous life is very special to me.  



Aside from crafting, what is your favourite way to spend your spare time?

I love going to various antique and brocante markets. However, staying home cooking and gardening gives me immense joy... I am never far from my craft table!


Do you have a favourite craft Instagram channel?

There are so many amazing dedicated and talented Instagram channels in this field. I met Caroline Zoob in 2000 when she first started her Stitcheries. Gazing upon her work, I was immediately inspired and charmed. Her art changes from year to year keeping it fresh, unique and interesting.


What can we look forward to from you over the next few months?

Having been a school teacher and librarian, I have always loved the written word. The Cozy Club, which gathers people together to create and form friendships similar to an old-fashioned quilting bee is something that I would like to share in book form. The preparation, the recipes, the decorating and the crafts all come together to create a very special days for those attending. My motto 'The Cozy Club, where you are a stranger only once' has bound together people from all over the world. My Instagram alter ego is a group of sweet mice who live with me. They have umpteen adventures  which are documented in my posts. I have had so many requests to write a book about them and I hope to do just that one day soon.


Check out Seasonal Scandi Crafts for 45 simple projects with a Scandinavian flavour, including home decorations, garlands and beautiful gifts. To get more fab blog posts like this one direct to your inbox, be sure to sign up to our mailing list here.

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