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Stylish Scraps Bunting


Add a splash of colour to your house or garden with this simple, decorative bunting from Chloë Owens - great for making use of old scraps of fabric you want to upcycle. Chloë's sewing, embroidery and appliqué projects from her new book All Sewn Up will add a cozy, vintage charm to your home, and this is a great place to start!


All Sewn Up


You will need

Bias binding the length you want the bunting to be, allowing a bit at each end for ties

Lots of scraps of fabric


Pins, needles and scissors

Sewing machine

Sewing thread to match binding


1. Cut out triangles for as many pennants as will fit along the length of the bias binding, cutting two triangles for every pennant. (If you want an even quicker way to make the bunting, you can buy kits with the fabric already cut for you.) Space the pennants evenly and remember to leave a bit of binding free at each end to hang up the bunting with. You can make the triangles whatever size you like; mine are 7½in (19cm) from top to tip and the same across the top. Organize the triangles into good-looking pairs.
2. Pin each pair of triangles right sides together. Set the sewing machine to a medium straight stitch and, taking a ¼-in (5-mm) seam allowance, sew the two sloping sides. Trim the tip of the pennant in the same way you clip a corner. Turn it right side out and press. Make sure the tip is pushed out so that the pennant is as triangular as possible.
3. Press the bias binding in half lengthwise. Pin pennants into the fold, making sure they're evenly spaced.
4. Zigzag stitch or straight stitch along the length of the bias tape, sewing all the pennants in place and removing the pins as you go.


This project is from All Sewn Up by Chloë Owens.

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